Build Strength from Within

Kettlebell training is a healing catalyst. When you love how you train you are motivated to take care of your body, mind and soul. You will get stronger from the inside out


When you don't know where to start, start here

To build a strong body with a strong mind to match, you need a good foundation. "Quick fix" health programs do not help you. You will not succeed if you look outside of yourself. You must create a proactive mindset and productive daily habits and routines to make a lasting change.

During this 90 minute session will discuss all things kettlebells and health. 

This session is designed to help you become self aware of areas in your life where you are standing in your own way of getting what you want- a mental and physical resilience to help you create happiness from within. There is a flat fee of $225. Including our time together you will receive a detailed review and the video recording.

We will dive into your kettlebell skills, bodyweight movement patterns, and talk about your current quality of life. Mallory will guide you to the path where you will finally have the body and mindset you deserve. 

1:1 Coaching

When you are ready to make a mind, body and soul transformation

When you are ready to make a change, Mallory is here to design an individualized plan for you and hold you accountable to following through.

Mallory's coaching includes

  • weekly 1:1 training sessions

  • customized programming plan

  • access to kettlebell classes

  • text message communication access

  • health education modules

Your next step is to schedule a complementary 20 minute call with me to get you started.

Community Programs

We're all in this together

Mallory's first community program, Strength from Within launched during the lockdown phase of the pandemic. We built a strength-based soul tribe of people looking for connection and motivation. It was a transforming experience not only for Mal, but the 20 strong women who have grown through the programs.

Currently there is a cohort of Strength from Within in progress. 


The program is being adapted and enhanced for a re-launch in the spring. 

If you are interested in joining the next program email me at I invite you to share your story.


“It was more than just a uniquely designed program. I gained insight about my own body. I gained insight on breathe work. I gained insight on how rest and recovery is just as important to going hard at the gym and going hard in workouts. 

I am more confident because of it and I am becoming closer to the woman that I know I am and want to be. Thank you Mal for being my rock and my motivator during this time. It was worth every penny!!!!!”

- Marilyn, January 2021

" whole world changed fitness wise. I was still recovering from my cancer treatment, still weak and frail. Mal was able to take me to a different fitness level in a few short months. The type of body exercises she had me focus on made me much stronger overtime. Things I never did before and boy were they touch at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed it."

- John, June 2020

"The way the program is made stands out! You improve so much without exhausting yourself and your body. You get stronger with simple but technical exercises. You also pay way more attention to little details and movement that your body is doing! This program is not just about getting stronger physically but mentally too by learning a lot of things. That’s something most programs don’t have! Mallory is always there to give advice and correct you if needed! The way she listens and gives advice about everything was one of my favorite parts."

- Aurore, December 2021