There is No Right Way to Move, Only Better Ways

YOU DON'T NEED TO BE FIXED but you do need to be aware of how you're moving

There are many different ways to perform one movement. It depends on your anatomical structure, your nervous system and your why. Why are you squatting or running or jumping anyways

A good coach won't try to fix you. If you're a trainer and it takes you more than 3 attempts to perform a movement with someone and it's still not clicking for them- it's up to you to acknowledge the learning opportunity, then alter the activity. It's not right to try to fit our bodies into one small box of "perfect" form. If you're a trainer maybe you can relate- once you're up to that third attempt and your client is becoming frustrated, the session becomes stressful. And what's the fun or therapeutic benefit of that? Trainers- let it go. There is another way to meet the goal

Don't get me wrong, of course there are guidelines to movements to prevent injury. As long as someone is not straining, it's good to experiment and make mistakes. We learn through awareness. You have to go through a movement and be introspective, observe how your body feels. It's that awareness that allows your nervous system to create the neural pathways and connect body to mind

Just remember there is no FIXING that needs to be done. Not everyone needs to go ass to grass or keep their knees completely behind their toes to effectively squat

HAVE FUN with movement and trust your body

-Observe where you are feeling weak and strong in your body

-Build your introspective skills, your body will tell you how to move

-Remember: what is the best way FOR YOU to move to meet your goal

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