Vulnerability is Not Weakness

Vulnerability is not weakness

To the woman who lived through a stroke and is being taught how to put pants on again in a crowded rehabilitation room- I see you as brave

To the older gentleman sharing his stories of mental health, his life choices that haunt him and the person he tries to be now- I think you’re heroic

To the man who cut his hand with a chainsaw. His stitches and external fixtures are being cleaned and he cries...even though his wife is watching and he wants her to see him as manly- I see you as strong

To the girl who is in the crowded gym for the first time, trying her hardest to workout and get healthy even though she currently feels uncomfortable in her own skin- I see you as courageous

These are examples of clients and patients I have experienced and have a lot to learn from

Vulnerability is scary. When we’re vulnerable- we are taking an emotional risk. Risking pain, others perceptions, acknowledging reality, connections with other people. But it’s interesting because most of the time when you are feeling more vulnerable- is actually when the rest of us see you as admirable

We all have our vulnerabilities. Body image, mental health, relationships, money, family, sex.. parts of our life where we risk being exposed. Being exposed feels uncomfortable. Our creative minds will think of every “what if” the little devils on our shoulders wants to throw out there

I know- it’s easier said than done but the next time you’re sharing a secret, trying something new or making a change ..try to rework your thinking and not let the little shoulder devils take over

Your vulnerability brings you closer to what you want. Your vulnerability is strength. Your vulnerability is human

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