Are You Working on Your Motor Learning?

Are you working on your motor learning? Just here giving you another OT perspective on benefits of training that have nothing to do with aesthetic goals... but cognitive strengths and your executive functioning. Something I want you to think of when making your goals for the new year

Motor learning happens over your whole life span. Often we think about motor learning in context of kids and in rehab (learning to tie your shoes, ride a bike... put your sweatshirt on after a stroke). But in my opinion we should continue to work on gaining new or enhancing your motor skills everyday your whole life





When you’re planning a movement first you have an idea

ex- I’m going to get this kettlebell over my head

Then you think of the sequence of actions you need to accomplish this goal

ex- grab the KB, keep my elbow close to my rib cage, bring my elbow back to bring the KB up and rack at my bicep, forearm vertical then punch the ceiling to press

Then your 🧠 sends messages to your muscles to execute and coordinate the task

Ex- well, see the vid for that part lol

Lastly you adapt- the input from your sensory system and your environment sends new information back to your brain so you can make adjustments for next time and GET BETTER

Ex- I could have kept my elbow closer, connected more with my breath etc

Working on a skill enhances your confidence, keeps you humble, gives you an opportunity to connect with other people and get feedback and most importantly is FUN

Just more healthy reasons to move your beautiful and strong body everyday

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