I’m going to give you an occupational therapist's perspective on training and “working out”

Instead of thinking about burning calories or getting a six pack. I challenge you to think about your mental health and how you feel and act

I’m going to give you an occupational therapists perspective on training and “working out”

Think about this

Do you crave sensory input? Are you overwhelmed and avoid it? Are you sensitive to it? Or do you miss it all together

So much of who we are is determined by our sensory perception. It mediates our interaction with our environment, how we feel and how we act. This is because beyond just our perception is how we process it. We are all on a spectrum and have different thresholds for what we feel is too little or too much. This is so cool to me because it determines everything

The people you hang out with

The clothes you wear

The music you listen to

The activities you choose

The anxiety you feel

The stress you experience

For example- research has shown a positive relationship between sensory seeking in adults to protective factors- -resilience and adaptability- -specifically active coping strategies like increasing activity and avoiding pain. So cool

So now I want you to think about what your physical activity is doing for you. Are your sensory needs being met?

To be honest- I have made the best stress regulation AND physique progress as of late BECAUSE I found my sensory happy place while training. I’m super happy, motivated and consistent in my training. I choose to lift heavy, kettlebell flow and listen to very loud music. The way I can detect my body move in space, the vestibular input I get from swings, proprioceptive input from the weight- regulates me

There are SO many modalities of training. Have you found your training happy place that best suits you? If you’re struggling- maybe it’s your missing piece. Think about it

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