Work Hard, Play Hard

Work hard, play hard. Growing up that’s something my Grandpa always told me and a concept my whole family really values. Not in the sense that if you work- you deserve to play like how many others say it. I was taught that whatever you put your energy into will come back to you. Put effort into the skill, then you can play and reap the benefit.

When you learn a skill (cognitive benefits like improved attention, problem solving, information processing, etc aside) you improve your self efficacy. Your self efficacy is your ability to persevere and work through obstacles. It boosts your confidence and self love, your individuality and independence. All leading to improved intrinsic factors like mental health AND extrinsic factors like positive interactions with others.

For example

Put effort into learning an instrument or dance and you can be creative and perform with/for others

Put effort into your education and a profession that you love and it becomes part of you not just a j o b

Put effort into learning physical skills, then you can play

Learn the skills, be part of the community and flow

Work hard, play hard

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