Keep your angels close and your demons closer

You commit to physically training everyday. You practice the things you are good at because it boosts your confidence and you want to perform well. Make yourself proud. You also work on your weaknesses. I assume if you are dedicated to your training- you know your weaknesses well. Maybe you've worked with a coach or physical therapist to help you out. You've learned that an outsiders perspective helps your practice. You get to know your weaknesses inside and out and have made an action plan to work on them. It's uncomfortable sometimes but you dedicate time and energy to it. You've learned that awareness helps you be physically better, stronger.

Have you committed to your mental health in the same way? Maybe you know your strengths, I call them my angels. You have many. An angel for your patience, motivation, trustworthiness and so on. Character traits that have developed from your life experience that boost your confidence and help you be a human, well. Identity traits that make yourself proud. Do you know your demons? I those character traits that you try to hide in the dark shadows of your personality demons. Maybe you don't even know you're hiding them. They could be thoughts or actions. Maybe they hurt you, make you less focused or give you doubts. All of our demons are individual to us and our life experience. They don't have to go away- they are part of who you are, part of your beautiful life. It's important to get to know them inside and out. Awareness will help you develop an action plan so they don't wreak havoc on your life. Awareness will help you get stronger, gain control and overtime feel less of the bad stuff.

In a perfect world there would be a mental health post for every "fitspo" post. In my opinion you can not call yourself "healthy" unless you dedicate your energy to working on both. Our lives have completely changed and things are not going to go back to normal as we once knew it.

If do consistently work on your mental health, I'm proud of you. If not, please do this for yourself. Dedicate time and energy to your mental health. Start with journaling, talking with loved ones and reach out to a therapist for that outsiders perspective. Own it.

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