Learn about current pain science and take control of your life

Think about these extremes- you can stub your toe or get a papercut and it hurts so badly. But stubbing your toe doesn’t even bruise and a papercut doesn’t even bleed. That pain does not threaten your life. On the opposite spectrum you could have a cancer that goes completely undetected because you did not feel pain- and there is a real danger to your livelihood

How does that make sense? Doesn’t it make you question what pain really is anyways

Pain makes you take notice and do something about a situation. My goal for you is to empower you to adapt your behavior and understand your brain and body instead of instilling fear

No matter where the problem is if it’s in your organs, nerves, joints- your body will not experience pain unless your brain thinks you are in danger

You have sensors in your body that alert your brain of danger. Your brain perceives those messages (as well as messages from your memories, endocrine system, respiratory system, emotions and so on) and decides how to handle the situation

How you handle the situation is how you react and many times completely unconsciously

You hold on to your stubbed toe

You get up and move

You move differently

You think “If I cry so-and-so will care for me”

You become energized and run (physically or mentally lol)

The unpleasantness of pain is what makes it effective and necessary for life, but many people let inefficient patterns form and let it take control of their life. If you’re ready to feel empowered in your situation- learn about current pain science and take control

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