Swing Away to Keep the Pain at Bay

Injuries suck. Pain sucks. Having to change your normal routines to adapt to I don’t want you to be in pain. I don’t want you to have to live with the mental repercussions of adapting to an injury. That is why I am a kettlebell coach.

I want you to get healthier in the most efficient way possible. While skillfully training with a kettlebell, your body goes through a process called mechanotransduction. The force it takes to kettlebell train will stimulate your genetic code to build stronger tissues. Whether you have shoulder, hip, back or a pinky finger injury- you need strong tissues.

Stronger tissues = Healing

Stronger tissues = Injury Prevention

Over the past 10 years or so there has been a growing body of literature supporting kettlebell training to enhance musculoskeletal fitness, cardiovascular health and athletic performance. Basically helping you live better for longer. That is what I want for you and that is why kettlebells are my main modality of training. As the supporting research grows, using kettlebells as therapeutic exercise is becoming more common.

I’m currently an occupational therapist working in skilled nursing homes and with kids mostly so far. Not exactly appropriate/evidence-based enough to put a kettlebell in their hands....yet. BUT for now I work to fill the gap between training and therapy as a coach. Helping YOU- the person recovering from or preventing injury to be the strongest you can be in the most efficient way that I whole heartily believe in.

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