Why Train With Kettlebells?

Kettlebell training is one of the most effective means of physical and mental strength development.

Let’s talk about the swing to start. When you kettlebell swing you start by creating tension, then you execute the swing with a burst of muscular activity to accelerate the bell up. After that initial impulse you go through a relaxation phase while the bell is moving because of your stored momentum. This is called ballistic movement. It’s great for speed development, great for your central nervous system to plan out your power output and good for your soft tissues to prevent injury overtime.

Going through these phases of relaxation and power output is a means of autogenic training to help reduce stress. You visualize the movement and force you need, you perform that movement. You teach your body to listen to your commands- training your nervous system to help calm overactive stress responses. Also great for mindfulness practice. You have to fully be in the moment and connected with your body to kettlebell train.

KB training won’t be limited to just the KB- it will make you stronger at everything. Studies have shown incorporating kettlebell training to increase your performance across the board. This is because KB training incorporates strength, mobility and anaerobic training all in one. With the kettlebell you can train every movement pattern. You’ll be hinging, squatting, pushing, carrying, pulling with minimal equipment and get a high calorie burn while doing so.

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