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Kettlebell training is a healing & health catalyst. When you love how you train you are motivated to take care of your body, mind and soul. You will get stronger from the inside out. 

Whether you are a true beginner, semi-beginner, intermediate or advanced- I have a program for you and would love to work with you. All programs include..

  • High value accountability

  • Voice over video demos of every strength, skill, mobility & stability exercise included in the programs

  • Customized goal setting, lifestyle factors, health education 

  • Unlimited video form reviews and consistent communication


Choose a program below according to your goals. 


Intermediate 12 Week Program

Gain confidence and HAVE FUN with your kettlebell training. This well-rounded program is designed to help you feel strong and more athletic no matter if you are training for a sport or training for life. The program includes 4 days of training with the bell, a foundational bodyweight strength training day and a rest day. The program has a great balance of consistency and variety to ensure you progresses and feel good throughout the 12 weeks. 


Advanced 8 Week Program

KBM is a prerequisite for KBM 2.0.

You progress into more advanced olympic lifting, strength training techniques and skills. All strengths and weaknesses that you learned about yourself in kettlebell medicine will be worked on in this training block.

Optional guided deload training also available. 


Beginner 8 Week Program

A program for the true beginner. Learn how to use a kettlebell in 8 weeks [swing, clean, press, get up, snatch]. Learn the foundations of kettlebell training including safety, mobility, stability and theory. Join the dozens of people who have taken this program to absolutely fall in love with kettlebell training. 



Looking for individualized care? I'd love to help you. I have helped dozens of people train for their own kettlebell certification and work around an injury with the kettlebell. Limited amount of customized programming available each month. 


- John, June 2020

" whole world changed fitness wise. I was still recovering from my cancer treatment, still weak and frail. Mal was able to take me to a different fitness level in a few short months. The type of body exercises she had me focus on made me much stronger overtime. Things I never did before and boy were they touch at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed it."


Programs are $120/month. 

Customized programs are $250/month. 

Time commitment depends on the program you choose.

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Due to the high accountability of the programs, my personal standards of commitment & providing value to you as a client...

I only accept a select number of enrollments at a time.

To be notified when a spot opens, please join the waitlist. 

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